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Flower Tea Cup Arrangement
Tea cup floral Arrangement
Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, our tea cup is suspended in mid air and the flowers are pouring down into the saucer below. "Gifts 2 Cherish" is the only company offering this unique arrangement. Like our silk/artificial flower arrangements we search vintage stores and hand pick these tea cups for their distinctive one of a kind appearance. These are perfect for Mothers day, Grandparents day or just because I love you gifts. These are handmade, sturdy, breathtaking creations. We offer some arrangements with flowers wrapping all the way around the piece, while others the flowers are the main front focal feature and ribbon is applied to the back to give a finished look. We realize that some people may possess sentimental tea cups and saucers so feel free to contact us and discuss transforming them into a unique, stunning, work of art. This is definitely your cup of tea.
white high heel shoe floral arrangement
Silk/Artificial Flower Arrangements
These arrangements are made in unique containers using beautiful silk/artificial flowers. We shop around to find "one of a kind" containers and we also like to "think outside of the box" and use items not normally used. Come back to our site often to view our variety of arrangements. Feel free to contact us if you have a container or idea that we can bring to life for you.
Wedding Album
This beautiful handmade photo album is created using quilting batting applied to panels covered with satin material and lace material then finished off with lace ribbon and pearls. Inside and out, front to back, this is an elegant way to show case memorable photographs. A perfect bridal or anniversary gift. Your choice of white or ivory. If you have special material or lace that you would like us to incorporate in a photo album please contact us at
Wedding Towel Cake

This is created using 2 towels, 2 hand towels and 2 wash cloths. When assembled it is a stunning 3 tiered cake.This is a perfect bridal shower gift/centerpiece and or house warming present. Just like ordering a cake, you can select the color of the towels, whether you want flowers or ribbon and color of flowers or ribbon. Lace is used to hide seams and everything is pinned together so it easily goes from towel cake to a set of towels in no time at all. Flowers create a timeless/classic appearance or choose wide band ribbon wrapped around each tier for a sleek/modern look. Please contact us to get your one of a kind Towel Cake at

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